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Things To Remember At The Time Of A Motor Vehicle Accident And Directly After One.
During a motor vehicle accident people can become disorientated and lose focus on some very basic things that they need to address.

First of all you would want to make sure that you are safe directly after an accident. Do not hastily exit or abandon your vehicle until you have determined that it is safe to do so. In some cases your vehicle may become unsafe to remain in or with and leaving your vehicle becomes your first instinct, however make sure there is no oncoming traffic or debris that can injure you before doing so.

Once you have determined that you are now safe take a moment and regroup a bit, collect your thoughts and if you are able to contribute to the post accident process then do so. If you are feeling sick, dizzy or not yourself find a place to sit down. Your safety is your number one priority and no one knows you better than yourself. You may want to consider that an ambulance take you to the hospital or at least have them make sure you are fine.

The post accident process should include making sure the police show up, exchanging appropriate information with any other parties involved in the accident and constructing a way home, especially if your motor vehicle has been disabled. In addition find out how and where you can obtain a police report of the accident for your records should you need to retain a New Port Richey personal injury lawyer.

Medical costs are very expensive and you may hesitate to go and see your doctor (especially if you don't have medical insurance) if the accident didn't physically impede you at the accident site. You should get yourself checked out and get a clean bill of health by professionals. Sometimes effects of an injury show up later, after the accident and it's always important to follow through with an exam.

You should not speak with an insurance company until you have spoken with your attorney. Refrain from supplying a recorded statement to the insurance company. Often times just after an accident you are still disoriented and might be confused as to what actually happened.

If you feel that a personal injury attorney might be needed to help you please read our article about how to choose the right personal injury lawyer for your accident. Click this link "Choosing The Right Personal Injury Lawyer"
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